Druckpunktmassage entlang des Gallenblasenmeridians

Shiatsu is a Japanese body massage based on the principles of Chinese medicine and the meridians. Through giving weight into these energetic channels of your body with hands and thumbs the practitioner can restore your energetic balance and thus release blockages wich leaves you feeling more alive and free. In addition to this pressure massage mobilizations, loosening, stretching and energetic techniques are used which may involve the whole body.

During Shiatsu treatment you can give weight, relax your postural muscles and release control as much as you feel comfortable. The pressure massage transfers just as much weight into your body as is invited. Shiatsu aims at contact and connection, but also at the perception of boundaries and differences. The treatment is based on what your body coomunicates and offers impulses that open up opportunities for relaxation and development.

Shiatsu is an art of touching. Shiatsu may become a dance or a meditation. Touch is not only meant physically but also mentally and energetically. A touch on the temples may be sensed deeply in belly and feet.