Community Acupuncture

Why do we use the term Community Acupuncture:

The concept of Community Acupuncture (CA) is nothing new, but is based on a long medicine tradition that has been practiced in China for centuries. Acupuncture has always been a flexible and adaptable treatment method, which can be practiced in almost any given circumstance and with little tools needed. Simultaneous treatment of several people in the same space has always been a common practice.
The term CA emerged in the United States and is basically just an adoption of this system to the social context and circumstances of the contemporary US society and its huge socioeconomic inequalities.
In western societies acupuncture is mainly practiced in one on one sessions and the treatment of multiple people in one space is still often an exception.
By being able to attend several people at the same time it is possible to lower the costs of the treatments. The goal is to make sessions as affordable as possible, so that people can get the treatment for as long and as often as they need it.

How does CA look in practice?

At the first meeting we will lead a more detailed conversation about your concerns and objectives, use diagnostic methods according to Chinese Medicine and talk about the possible therapy concept together. The following treatment sessions will start with a 15-20 minutes long conversation in a private room. The placement of the needles will then be done in a larger room, together with other people, whereby screen dividers are used for privacy. The needles will be left to do their work for 20-40 minutes, depending on the treatment.
Additional private talking space can be made available if you require it at other times.

Community Acupuncture and Covid-19:

Due to Covid-19 we will assure that in the common room there are big distances between the separate treatment places and the room will be regularly aired.

We kindly ask you to wear a mask at all times (also during treatment) while you are in the space and to keep a distance of 1,5 meters to other people.

If for any medical reasons you can not wear a mask please let us know in advance.