Since the beginning of my studies at Shiatsu Schule Kreuzberg 2018 many aspects of Shiatsu have found their way into my attitude and my daily life: being in the moment, stay fluid, get in contact while staying with myself, get connected and let myself being touched, practice serenity, not to work with force but with weight.

For my Shiatsu I want to have a clear view of what your body shows me and how I can highlight and reinforce it. I associate clarity with air and heaven and earth, direction and path. Finding clarity feels upright and free, it can be happy and light, but also metallic and heavy. Shiatsu can become a dance or a common meditation.

Shiatsu is an art of touch. The touch is not only meant physically but also mentally and energetically. A touch on the face can be felt deep into the stomach and feet. Warm hands and a soft, firm grip give the touch clarity and security.