body. mind. pain.
impression and expression
society, power, discrimination.

experiences are ingrained into our muscles, into our minds,
have become parts of us.

Tête. Corps. Douleur.
Impression et expression.
Société, pouvoir et discriminisation.
Experiences sont inscrit dans nos corps, dans nos âmes, deviennent parties de nous.

I learned from:

Chinese Medicine:
2015-2018 Gerlinde Hätter
2016-2017 Oliver Nowak
2017-2019 Rudi Fink und Franz Kratochwil
2017-2019 Stephan Raatz
March – April 2019 Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou
Februar 2020 Fortbildung Ohrakupunktur

2015 Classical Massage
2015 Foot Reflexology
2016 TuiNa
2015 – 2018 Phytotherapy
Since summer 2019 I am freelancing.